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A brief Introduction to Roman Coins

Roman coins have survived for nearly 2000 years in surprisingly large numbers and are relatively inexpensive. The ‘heads’ side (obverse) of a Roman coin normally bears a portrait of the Emperor or of his son or junior emperor with their names and titles and occasionally of the Emperor's wife (Avgvsta). First and second century coins are renowned for the quality of their portraits. ...

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On 1 July 2019

Antique Pocket Watches

Personal clocks, as the first watches were called, were worn as pendants and first appeared in the 16th century.  Pocket watches in the modern shape appeared after 1660 when waistcoats became fashionable.  Early watches only had an hour hand.  Up to the late 18th century, all watches were high-end luxury items and their gold and silver cases were often enamelled and highly ...

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On 30 June 2019