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About HL & HL Antiquities Ltd.

HL & HL Antiquities Ltd. was originally established in the 1970's and traded until 1982. After several years in hibernation, we proudly restarted our business in 2010 with much of the stock that we built up during that period. 

A trading organisation from inception, we sell item/s in the seven categories we specialise in: Ancient Civilisation Antiquities, Art, Books, Chinese Snuff Bottles, Collectables, General Antiques and Visiting Card Cases.

We cover a wide variety of antiques, artefacts and collectables; our range encompasses everything from affordable item/s that promote beginners and new collectors, to those that satisfy the demands and tastes of the more mature and serious collector.

We refer to auctioneers, art and museum experts for the authenticity of our stock to advise us and our customers on their demands and needs, ensuring confidence and provenance.

Our mission is to give a unique service to our customers and to ensure their satisfaction on the item/s that they purchase from us, with authenticity and quality.

We always strive to serve better.


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